Magomed Mahtiev

Magomed Mahtiev

Plastic Surgeon



Liposuction, lipomodeling, blepharoplasty, facelift, necklift, post-surgery rehabilitation.


  • Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Izhevsk – General Medicine.

  • People´s Friendship University of Russia, Department of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Clinical Residency.

  • People´s Friendship University of Russia, Department of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery FPKMR (Advanced Training Faculty) – Professional Development.

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Procedures (3)

Endoscopic Midface Lift

sale price: $3,400

Endoscopic midface lift allows to tighten up the skin, subdermal structures and muscles in the least traumatic manner. During the operation, it will require only several incisions, no more than 1 cm, which will be hidden in anatomic areas, such as ear auricle, inferior eyelid, under the hairline.


sale price: $3,200

It allows to get rid of the congenital or acquired nose defects which are transferred genetically or received as a result of any trauma. High-quality correction leads to create a new harmonious appearance, fixes the trouble breathing caused by deformation of the nasal septum, changes the nose shape according to the guest preferences and recommendations of the doctor.


sale price: $3,400

The 'S' stands for "short scar" or "short flap". The incision is basically limited to the area in front of the ear. In rare cases, an additional incision is required in the temple area, which is safely hidden in the hair.Carrying out a limited incision prevents the tissue in the back of the ear from being cut. This is where one of the often damaged branches of the facial nerve passes. Your face after an S-lift will not look "taut", as in the case of traditional skin tightening. Due to the force of gravity, the direction of ptosis of the facial tissues can be described as being from the bottom up. Thus, by pulling soft tissue in the opposite direction, you can achieve the most natural effect of rejuvenation.

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