The Platinental is a landmark in the world of modern plastic surgery. This is an American brand that guarantees the highest quality of services in the field of surgical and cosmetic rejuvenation. Our stellar medical teach has not changed over the years and its members are constantly improving their skills.

The unique advantages of The Platinental

The surgeons at The Platinental utilize the latest methods of rejuvenating and harmonizing the face and neck, breasts, liposuction, and scar removal.

The surgeons at The Platinental are full members of the world’s leading scientific societies, including: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons/Plastic Surgery (ASPS), The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), The International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), and The Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (RSPRAS).

Harmonizing Plastic Surgery at The Platinental is comprised of a unique set of natural rejuvenation protocols personally developed by the surgeon, Dr. Andrey Iskornev. It employs anthropometry, a scientific and artistic approach to beauty.

The Platinental is a boutique clinic that not only provides you with professional, expert advice, but also provides 24 hour support via mobile application, The Platinental.

The most modern anesthetic equipment is used at The Platinental. Sophisticated computer monitoring technology is utilized while under anesthesia during the operation. The state of the the art German and American anesthetic equipment is operated by experienced anesthesiologists and therapists
We do not skimp when it comes to safety!

The Platinental Clinic is an official affiliate of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetology and Cellular Technologies at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU).

The Platinental
in Russia

Safety, confidentiality and maximum aesthetic results are the main credos
of “The Platinental”. Quality control services are performed by independent members of the International Medical Review Commission.
Why are rejuvenation treatments better performed at The Platinental?

The medical staff at The Platinental has all the necessary certificates and permits to work in the Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Surgery, and Dermatology specialities amongst others.

The medical equipment before, during, and after procedures are always at a high degree of reliability and sterility. The equipment is regularly inspected by the appropriate regulatory authorities.

The accuracy of medical records are ensured by Russian and international regulations.

The Platinental is equipped with all the necessary resuscitation equipment in case of emergencies. Doctors and nurses regularly attend training to stay current on the specific skills required for specific situations. Safety first and foremost.

The Platinental International Medical Center is the first in Russia to become a full subsidiary of the American club brand “The Platinental” (License # LO-77-01-016819). We are proud of our advanced technology in surgical and laser rejuvenation, reconstructive surgery, gynecology, endocrinology, physiotherapy, cosmetology and hormone replacement medicine amongst other fields in medicine.

When you need a specialist, you get the best by recommendation. Therefore, we brought together the most sought-after doctors. Amongst our plastic surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists and cosmetologists, we have students of the famous American specialists, graduates of Yale University and other leading medical universities in the US, Europe, and Russia.

Senior Administrator

  • Booking an appointment with our specialists
  • Planning your personal beautification plan
  • Arranging a consultation with a doctor online (1)
  • Scheduling an operation on convenient for you date
  • Booking air tickets (2)
  • Assisting with obtaining Russian visa, if needed (3)
  • Meeting upon an arrival, and/or accompanying a client with a personal driver (4)
  • Booking a room at one of our partners' hotels at a special price (5)
  • Arranging farther medical examination at clinics of our trusted partners
  • Preparing a personal menu for a duration of your staying at the clinic
  • Individual care and attending a client after an operation
  1. Online consultation doesn't substitute for a physical consultation
  2. Doesn't include air fare
  3. Doesn't include visa fees
  4. Doesn't include transportation fees
  5. Doesn't include hotel fees


Employees at the plastic surgery clinic as accredited ambassadors of The Platinental can only be perfectionists. The surgical instruments at The Platinental are individually ordered from the best manufacturers of medical equipment. Only the finest laser processing tools are allowed to touch the skin of our valued clients and only at the hands of professionals of international level caliber and esteem.

Rules and Regulations

  • Strangers are not allowed in the clinic
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Postoperative chambers must be
    of superior quality
  • The staff must be carefully selected
  • 24 hour postoperative monitoring
    of patients
  • Use only high quality German disposable supplies and tools
  • Medical equipment must be individually ordered
  • A high caliber of professionalism must be displayed by each of
    the specialists