Andrey Iskornev

Andrey Iskornev

Plastic Surgeon




Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery of the Face and Neck (Facelift, Endoscopic Facelift, Platysmaplasty (Hollywood Facelift). Injectable and Interface Techniques for Minimally Invasive Rejuvenation. Lipomodelling.


  • Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU), General Medicine

  • The B.V. Petrovsky Russian National Research Center of Surgery

  • Residency in the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Microsurgery under supervision by the Professor, Dr. N.O. Milanov (President of the RUSSIAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGEONS)

  • Certificate in Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic, and Cosmetic Surgery from the International Medical Corporation Educational Center (Moscow, Russia)

  • A specialized course in Laser Medicine in Surgery from FGBU (the State Research Center of Laser Medicine of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency) (Moscow, Russia)

  • Certificate in Microsurgery from the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

  • MBA from the Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS)

  • FCE, CAE (Cambridge University English Language Examinations).

  • Paces Plastic Surgery & Recovery Center (Atlanta, Georgia)

  • Clinique Elysée Montaigne - Clinique de Chirurgie Esthetique (Paris, France)

  • Course in Laser Blepharoplasty and Contouring with Dr. Bernard Hayot Clinique Elysée Montaigne - Clinique de Chirurgie Esthetique (Paris, France)

  • Course in Volume Liposuction, Lipofilling, and Body Liomodelling (Milan, Italy)

  • Course in Microsurgical techniques for Scar Revision (Lugano, Switzerland)

  • Andrey Iskornev is a member of American society of plastic surgeons (ASPS), active member of International society of aesthetic plastic surgeons (ISAPS), international confederation of surgeons (IPRAS) and other professional unions including Canadian and Russian societies of plastic surgeons. Author of «Harmonization protocol» of aesthetic rejuvenation. Associate professor of department of plastic surgery in Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)

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Procedures (3)

Hollywood Neck Lift

sale price: $5,600

Dr. Andrey Iskornev’s Exclusive Method This new technology makes it possible to effectively tighten the chin and neck, remove loose skin, bring back the outlines of your chin from your youth, and in just one week quickly recover from the procedure. This tightening of the neck muscles is named “Hollywood” because it is one of the most frequent requests of actors who want a clear and perfect neckline. Taking into account their desired results, surgeons have developed an operation with a fast rehabilitation period and invisible scars. This is the only effective way to tighten the skin of the neck and chin for a long time, as well as strengthen the muscles of the neck after the age of 30. The result of the operation leaves you with a powerful lift of the lower part of the face and neck. No more double chin, flabby skin, and "turkey neck", the angle between the neck and the lower jaw will be clear and deep. The neck takes on a beautiful chiseled shape. Lifting the skin of the neck with the modeling of the chin-neck angle creates a long-awaited V-shaped face – the most coveted beauty trend of our time! Do the results last long? Yes, and by yes, we mean permanently! If you maintain a stable healthy weight, your chin and neck will remain in excellent condition for up to 10 years! 2. Chin Lift (Mentoplasty) 4000$ Mentoplasty is the correction of the form of the chin in situations where the chin is underdeveloped, heavy, asymmetrical, disproportionate, or beveled. Mentoplasty has a distinct advantage in that it is easy to carry out and does not require general anesthesia. Here at the Platinental Aesthetic Lounge, we offer: Chin Augmentation (with the help of Medpor implant technology as seen in Hollywood) Chin Reduction, Forward Chin Extension, Correction of the Form of the Chin, and Chin lifting. Usually mentoplasty procedures are performed through incisions in the mouth, so no stitches will be visible. A lightweight bandage will need to stay on for about 2-3 days. In order to alleviate slight pain or swelling, we here at Platinental provide you with exclusive rehabilitative care!

The Harmonization of Appearance

sale price: $20,000

In 2011, Dr. Andrey Iskornev proposed a method of surgical correction of the exterior, which is based on a combination of surgery and the principles of portrait drawing. Ideal facial proportions were described by Pythagoras in the fifth century BC. Then, in 1509, Leonardo da Vinci and Luca Pacioli formulated the laws of the theory of the golden ratio.

Dr. Iskornev’s theory of surgical harmonization of appearance is based on the laws of Da Vinci and Pacioli and are perfectly applicable to an aesthetic plastic surgeon’s modern practice. Based on a series of measurements and serious mathematical calculations, Dr. Iskornev fashions optimal results in terms of harmony and complex artistic perception of your appearance and selects the most modest set of procedures while also yielding maximum aesthetic results.

SMAS Facelift

sale price: $7,700

SMAS lifting is a deep face lift. The modern plastic surgery uses the SMAS lifting as good practices of circular face lift. By this procedure not only the skin is drawn, but also the dense tissue that is lying deeply under the skin, what is called superficial muscular aponeurotic system, shortly - SMAS. It gives a positive long-lasting effect of face lift.

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Your rating

Nastya Kalmanovich

Thank you Andrey!

The lift again convinced me that a good mood depends on who smiles to you when you are looking at yourself in the glass!


Many thanks to all the staff

This year I turned 58 years, the people around me think that I´m not more than 45! By this magical transformation I express gratitude to a wonderful surgeon, the head of the Platinental Center, Andrei Iskornev. Andrei made two operations for me: SMAS more than a year ago and the plastic surgery of the midface 4 months ago. I feel again young and attractive. Andrei, I'm happy! You are a great surgeon and a wonderful person. Many thanks to all the staff of the Center for their professional behavior, sincere concern for the client and attention.

Svetlana Gennadyevna

I am happy!

I was performed a liposuction. For a start, I would tell that doctors were very kind and attentive to me. Iskornev Andrey Aleksandrovich encouraged me a lot because I madly was afraid of operation. He answered all my questions, explained everything properly and gave guidance. He performed a liposuction nicely. I am happy with the result! Now I want to perform a lipofiling.


SMAS lifting

I did not like age changes and especially sagging face form. After Andrey Aleksandrovich´s consultation I was performed a SMAS circular face lift in Platinental. I am a real patient, the ordinary person, my photos can be seen in Instagram) The result is mind-blowing. Honestly!!! Don´t be afraid - go, it is worth it. The personnel are excellent, the attitude on patients is attentive. All prices are placed on the website, so you don´t need to pay above the odds. Not for materials, medications, not for bandages. Well, the coffee is very tasty there)))


Super doc!

Women cannot escape from age. But this doctor achieves miracles! I was performed face lipofiling by Andrey Aleksandrovich. From the very first I understood that I had nothing to fear. First of all, my friends were operated by him, secondly, during the consultation I understood that I trust him. Andrey Aleksandrovich, thank you!

Ilya Streltsov

Thank you for my result!

On the 10th of December I was made the procedure Laser CO2- thermolysis with collagen injections. At the end of December I have an important business event so I have to look young and fresh. I have got a low pain threshold that´s why I was offered to perform the operation with a mild general anaesthesia. But I was not able to make a blood test in time, so the general anaesthesia was replaced with local face anaesthesia – I was put cream for about forty minutes, then the face came to a full numbness. I couldn't tell that I felt very comfortable during the first procedure, but I expected it would be worse than it really was. Andrey Aleksandrovich Iskornev's hands helped me to postpone softly both the first and second procedure of injections. Right after the procedures I felt as if I had been put a red-hot frying pan on my face. It lasted about 2 hours and then I forgot that I had done something. As I was warned in clinic, for the second day the person can swell. I woke up with an edema and my face looked like I was a Chinese with bee stings. At the end of the day my face slightly flushed and it was all in prints of gauze grid. Somewhere for the 4th day the edema fell down and my workmates asked - where did you sunbathed? The skin was easily shelled and now it became pink, rejuvenated and fresh. Now I am very happy with the result for the 7th day, and it will become even better in several days. I recommend this procedure to everyone who needs to look nicely fresh and youthfully for quite short term and without inconveniences. Thanks to Andrey Aleksandrovich for patience with answers to a big number of my questions and for faultless result!


I’m so Thankful

Huge gratitude to Andrey Iskornev and all the staff members for professional behavior, attention, delicacy. In March I arrived to a decision to make a full face transformation. The year before I had a consultation with Andrey Aleksandrovich with a request to put super-threads which would hold jowls. In reply I received another vision of my problems by a seasoned professional. I had consultations in many clinics of Moscow and St. Petersburg. As a result - circular face lifting, SMAS chin prosthetics, endoforehead lift performed by Andrey Aleksandrovich. The important moment is the trust that arises or doesn't arise to the surgeon. In the context of Andrey Iskornev I had an absolute trust before and after the operation, the answer to any question and any doubt, full participation and interest in good result and, not unimportant, his evaluation of beauty and harmony in general, not simply local solution of any problem. Half a year later I fantastically like myself. People around me tell that I have been changed, but they can´t understand what exactly has been changed. They say my face became thinner; as the face grew thinner; or how is it possible to look younger when you are 38. Besides, after the operation my desire to have rhinoplasty that I dreamed since the childhood absolutely disappeared. I like my nose with my new face look. Special thanks to administrators and junior medical staff for correctness, professionalism, support.


Very natural result

I want to thank Andrey Iskornev for his punctual work in lips contour correction. It looks very naturally. The filler Volbella was used, the edema completely disappeared in 4 days.

Ksenia Diviziyeva

Decisively "Yes", and decisively “Platinental”!

If all of you still think whether to perform plastic (cosmetic) surgery (procedure), choose the correct clinic (expert), etc., urgently let it go.
Decisively "Yes", and decisively “Platinental”!
There won´t be time to regret!
You won't face neither fanatics, nor butchers, nor heretics. You will be met and attended by highly skilled, highly intelligent, wonderful experts from the hall door to the recovery room. PEOPLE! HUMANS! People that create HARMONY, but not "entourage and fanfare" or "bumcheeks and fish lips".
These gifted hands and minds will hospitably meet you, will attentively listen, will gently give advice, will carefully harmonize, will vigilantly check and will sincerely exult together with you over obtained result!!
There will be only one question: "Why wasn´t I bent on it earlier??"
As the patient who made a decision to be delivered up to specialists of "Platinental" clinic exactly 3 months ago I declare aloud UN GRAND MERCI to these people!!! You are mind-blowing!! You are smart!! Not show-offs!! You are EXPERTS!!
Deepest gratitude and many thanks to:
• Administrator Tatyana - for sensitive support, tolerance and stress resistance!
• Surgeon Salim Ragimov - for gentle, attentive and professional care!
• Anaesthesiologist Irina - for soft "take-off" and insensible "landing"!
• Surgeon Meloyan Mkhitar for the realized numerous consultations, operation, for the new-look image! For control and humanity!
• Cosmetologist Anna - for care, openness, softness and dab hand!!
• Andrey Iskornev - for creation of Flagship and excellent team!
One question: "Why wasn´t I bent on it earlier??"
P.S. One hour after the operation of rhinoplasty and mammoplasty "for one flight" I watched a movie, I laughed and talked, for day two I begun a household activity, for day seven I perfectly walked outdoors with children, for day ten I removed gypsum and I returned to an active social life.
There was no intense pain (if you know about pain), the look was, of course, fantastic:)
The edema disappeared completely in 10 days. I take a deep breath - in literal and figural sense!

Sasha Gorbachev

I’m so happy!

Perfect clinic! Beautiful doctors and experts at their field! I had a nasal fracture, deviated nasal septum, it was difficult to breathe. Because of the hump it was not comfortable for me to visit public spaces, it seemed to me that there was nothing more terrible than my huge hawknose! So last summer I went in for rhinoplasty. I was consulted by Mkhitar Misakovich. He told me everything and showed his works; then he told what changes he would make with my nose: he would make a constriction of the nose tip, reduction of the nasal ala and of the hump. He would not reduce the size of the nose. He would leave my nose male. I was afraid of the result: what if a new nose does not fit me? And still hoping for better! Two months later I had all the tests and came to the clinic with the results. In a week later, I went to realize the surgery. I arrived three hours before the surgery. Never arrive three hours before: fear, different thoughts in your head! Honestly, I do not remember anything during the operation. I did not have any pain during and after the operation. I awoke from the voice of Andrei Alexandrovich: "Alive?" I fell asleep and slept, as I remember, until half past ten. I got up, ate, watched a movie. By the way, the clinic has a wonderful collection of movies! In the morning I was taken home. I was in expectation of the result! A few days later I was changed my nose gypsum. Mkhitar Misakovich gave me five minutes to get a view of my nose! I was lost for words, I was so excited! Straight nose, nice! Great! In a week I was taken off the gypsum. All my doubts were for nothing!! I am very satisfied with the result! I still admire and respect! In the first place, thank you Andrey Aleksandrovich Iskornev, thank you Mkhitar Misakovich for your clever pairs of hands, and to all who took part in the operation!


Great professionals

Many thanks to Andrey Iskornev and Elena Vlasova for great, professional consultation and perfect result obtained in a single procedure! Both are super professionals. Many thanks!