Maksim Vasilev

Maksim Vasilev

Plastic Surgeon, General Surgeon



Blepharoplasty, Minimally Invasive Eyebrow Lift, Liposuction, Mini-abdominoplasty. 3D Thread Lifting. Contour Surgery. Plasmotherapy. Scar Removal, Skin Lesion Removal


  • 2006

    Ulyanovsk State University, Institute of Medicine, Medical Studies (Diploma with Honors) Residency in Surgery (Diploma and Graduate Certificate

  • 2013

    I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Department of Plastic Surgery, headed by Professor Dr. N.O. Milanov (President of SPRAS). Professional training in the Plastic Surgery (Diploma and Graduate Certificate)

  • 2011

    In 2011 he successfully defended his thesis on "The choice of repair methods in patients with postoperative ventral hernias."

  • 2011

    Participant in Russian and international conferences.

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Procedures (3)

“Body Jet” Water-Jet Lipomodelling

sale price: $2,500

With water lipomodelling Body Jet we can create a delicate waist while simultaneously lipofilling the buttocks, chest, or face. The recovery period is short and it’s ideal if you’re getting ready to get to the beach! The new second generation Body Jet is a device that not only removes the fat with the help of water, but at the same time "washes" the fatty tissue in a sterile container. This allows the surgeon to use the body fat for lipofilling without any lengthy preparation. Benefits of Body Jet Liposuction: The operation time literally last only up to 2 hours! Liposuction with the Body Jet machine is much less traumatic. It’s performed under local anesthesia and does not require general anesthesia. The short length of time for the procedure and its minimal damage significantly reduce the time needed for rehabilitation. Body Jet Liposuction provides a beautiful uniformity of liposuction on the abdomen with no lumps or markings. But that's not all! This method allows us to not only get rid of excess fat. In one procedure, it can provide you with the desired shape of your hips and buttocks, increase the volume of your lips, allow facial lipofilling, or add natural volume to the breasts.

Hollywood Neck Lift

sale price: $4,000

Surgical technique of beautiful submental-cervical angle involves the whole mental region system: subcutis, superficial and deep neck muscles. But the most important “hocus-pocus” consists in correctly removed fat lying under platysma, which cannot be removed by an ordinary chin liposuction, it is impossible to get rid by means of usual liposuction of a chin or introduction of lipolitics. The procedure knows no equals - the chin after the Hollywood platysma plastics remains pulled in even at a head tilt. Especially effective.

Breast Augmentation/Reduction/Mammoplasty

sale price: $4,500

Mammoplasty (breast surgery) is a surgery which allows to correct the size and the shape of breast, mammilla and aura. Surgeons of the International Surgical Center "Platinental" will make your breast such as you want to see it, by means of the harmonizing approach and leading technologies.

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Thank you!

Many thanks to Maxim Vasilyev for my refreshed face. Fine result. The big expert knowing his stuff.


Thank you!

I want to express gratitude with all of my heart to wonderful surgeon and expert Vasilyev Maxim Nikolaevich!

From the very start he has surely dispelled all my fears, answered all concerning questions accurately, and there was no longer any doubt! All the possible options were offered very clearly, individually and without the fluff and persuasion. And the choice is yours. If someone wants it very much, but still afraid, just come to his consultation and your dream will easily turn into absolutely realistic programme of action.

Prior to the operation I was choked with emotions more than it was well worth it. I fell asleep - I woke up – done - I left home. Neither pain nor weakness - special thanks to anesthesiologists of clinic. Now about result. The abdominoplasty was performed  after pregnancy and Caesarean operation (the line of stretched skin was upon the suture). Now thanks to a dab hand of Maxim Nikolaevich I have ideally flat abdomen without a ripple of CO and hardly noticeable suture after surgery that will brighten and disappear in course of time. It is only external result so it´s possible to write endlessly about internal harmony and self-consciousness. Frankly speaking, the result was even better than I could imagine in the wildest dreams.

I wrote a feedback for potential patients of clinic who still think, look for, thumb through feedbacks. Stop it and just come to consult! And I won't be tired to thank Maxim Nikolaevich both personally and mentally when I see the result of his work!!!



Dear staff of Platinental clinic, a Happy New Year 2018 to you. I wish you prosperity, glad patients and creative achievements!!! I want to express sincere gratitude to Maxim Nikolaevich Vasilyev Vasilyev for my great mood and perfect result after blepharoplasty. Many thanks to doctor for a comprehension, attention and personal approach!!! More power to your elbow and see you next time!


Thank you so much

Two months after my plastic surgeries (corset platysmaplasty and otoplasty, Maxim Nikolaevich Vasilyev), and I visited the plastic surgeon Maxim Vasilyev at the Platinental clinic again! I am excited again! I had Botox injections to the frontal region of head to correct the consequences of other operation performed in other clinic (I was cut the a facial nerve on the right side) and injections of hyaluronic acid in cheekbones (which became plane after the same operation in other clinic). Six hours have passed. For the present everything is very good! In two weeks it will be necessary to come for correction. And it will be free! I go to this clinic by tram. I go for a long time and I admire beauty of the city. I go as the tram, without running off the rails, once again, only to one WONDERFUL surgeon: Vasilyev Maxim Nikolaevich! Many thanks to Maxim Nikolaevich for his professional manners and comprehension in everything! There is no need to explain him anything, just tell him: "I want to be Beautiful!” And it´s going to be all right! THANKS A LOT!!!

Irina Chernegova

Thank you

Fine clinic, very friendly personnel, and the most significantly – the doctors are true professionals! My procedures are performed by Maxim Vasilyev. Highly recommended!


Wonderful result

I am simply happy that I met such a wonderful surgeon Vasilyev Maxim Nikolaevich! He listened to me, understood, and remade! I was performed a corset platysmaplasty and otoplasty. I like it very much. It seems to me that I do more than just look younger for about 10-15 years, I became better than I was in 20. I look at the wedding photo where I was 20, flap-eared, and now I am not. A neck on the photo, of course, was still young, but it hadn´t got such angle as it has now. It is so good! As Nefertiti! I don´t like to look myself in the glass, there are more important affairs, but now I want to admire myself. Great! My husband and daughter also like the result! Dear Maxim Nikolaevich! Many thanks to you! You are a magician! Many thanks to all staff of Platinental clinic! All the doctors and medical personnel are wonderful, young and very beautiful! Happy upcoming New Year 2017! Good luck!


I’m happy!

Throughout all human history beauty of a female body inspired artists, sculptors, poets, writers and musicians on creation of masterpieces of art, literature and music. Nowadays the sculptors are called plastic surgeons. I am very glad that the wonderful and talented surgeon Maxim Nikolaevich Vasilyev helped me with achievement of real beauty and successfully performed liposuctioning of hips. I always wanted to have a beautiful and slim figure.


Excellent result!

I am pleasantly impressed, many thanks to the surgeon Maxim Vasilyev, to anesthesiologist Irina Dvidedi and Irina Koloskova who supplied the place of administrator that day. I was met as a relative as if it was a check-in in a hotel, but not a clinic visit. All men were delicate, attentive, including in my postoperative healing period. So, the result was excellent! Thanks!