Regina Tulatova

Regina Tulatova

Plastic Surgeon



Facelift, endoscopic facelift, platysmaplasty (Hollywood Necklift), CO2 laser rejuvenation.


  • 2008—2014

    SOGMA – North Ossetia State Medical Academy – General Medicine.

  • 2014—2015

    I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Clinical internship – General surgery

  • 2015—2017

    N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Clinical residency – Plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and cell technology.

  • 2017

    State recognized certificate, specialization – Surgery.

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Procedures (3)

Bichat’s Fat Pad Removal

sale price: $1,100

It is the fastest way to make the person look thinner and mark cheekbones. What is Bichat’s fat pad? Every child’s cheek has a specific fat body. This fat body is situated between skin and buccal mucosa and is called Bichat’s fat pad for the name of the French anatomist Marie François Bichat, the first who described it. Baby needs it during first months of his life so he can breastfeed easily, that means, eat well. So, there is absolutely no reason for an adult to have Bichat’s fat pad, because the adults eat solid food. Through the age the facial tissues increase, but Bichat’s fat pads remain the same and become invisible. With age these fat pads do not increase in size, but often all it takes is to remove fat pads so the face gets an effect of cheek reduction, make narrower a lower face, form sunken cheeks and emphasize a malar part.

Gynecomastia Treatment

sale price: $1,400

Gynecomastia is a benign proliferation of male breast. It is a quite widespread phenomenon when the male breast begins to remind women's and gets rounded shape. After being operated the breast looks groomed and masculine. The breast sagging disappears, the pectoralis major starts to become contoured.

Earlobe Surgery

sale price: $900

Any correction of earlobe: plastic surgery of torn earlobe, ear tunnels correction, ear hole correction after piercing.

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